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Carrying your baby everywhere you go is not easy and often tiring. Baby strollers and strollers for kids make travelling comfortably easy and safe. Prams helps you travel safely with your babies without wearing you out. Blush & Bloom has listed the top rated strollers in UAE that you can buy online.
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Need of a baby stroller

Carrying your baby around on your grocery run or a walk in the park is not easy. You take not only the baby but things your baby may need when you are out. That’s where baby prams and carriages come into the picture. The perfect stroller makes all the difference in the comfort and convenience of your daily life with your baby.

If you are wondering what makes a stroller a must-have, well here is the answer. The stroller is a safe space for your baby when you are out. It not only offers the baby a place to sit and sleep but it also the place where you can put all your baby essentials from baby wipes, diapers, baby food to a change of clothes and more.

Benefits of buying a Baby carriage

  • A baby carriage or pram makes transportation convenient.
  • A stroller is easy to use and helps the baby relax when taking a walk or shopping at the mall.
  • A good stroller will last a few years and ensure travelling with your baby is stress-free.
  • The stroller will keep your baby safe and protected.
  • You can store all your baby essentials in the stroller.

Types of Strollers

Baby prams, strollers, and travel systems available are stylish, fashionable and offer several functions. There are umpteen options available, from a one-hand fold to an umbrella stroller. Whether you are looking for everyday strollers, luxury travel systems, prams, Blush & Bloom has an exclusive designer stroller collection for you.

Questions to ask yourself before you get the right stroller

  • Where will you use it?
  • Where will you store the pram or travel system?
  • How much baby stuff will you carry when you go out?
  • How often do you plan to travel?

Answers to these questions above will help you choose the right baby travel system or car seat stroller.

Things to consider while buying a stroller

Buying the right stroller is not easy. You cannot walk into a store and pick one in a few minutes.

  • A baby carriage can be expensive as there are several options available with many functions and modes. Decide on a budget and the features you are looking for in the stroller.
  • Understand if you will use the stroller every day or just for a stroll in the park.
  • Check if it makes sense to have a lightweight or a heavier pram.
  • If you plan to have a baby within three years, then consider buying a single stroller that can convert to a double stroller or one that can accommodate more than one baby.

Price of Baby Strollers & Car Seats in UAE

Product Brand Price
Graco stroller mirage plum Graco AED599
Graco ready2grow click connect lx double stroller gotham Graco AED1,250
Rocket stroller - princeton Baby Trend AED365
Snap-n-go ex universal infant car seat carrier Baby Trend AED399
Kolcraft cloud sport lightweight stroller abacus teal Kolcraft AED399
Sit n stand double- onyx Baby Trend AED1,199

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What is the best stroller to buy?
Getting a baby stroller that also works as a car seat is a good buy.
Which is better stroller, or pram?
Most strollers have an upright seat, while prams offer a bassinet for babies. Based on your baby’s needs, you can choose a stroller or a pram. You can also opt for a stroller that offers a layback seat function.
How long do kids use strollers?
There is no specific age limit for kids needing strollers. Usually, babies and kids use strollers till they are around three years old.
How do I choose a stroller?
The type of stroller you choose depends on where you live and your usage. If you live in the city, then a lightweight baby stroller is best. However, you cannot take such strollers on bumpy terrain. So, pick the best option depending on the cost, weight, and fold of the stroller.
Is a travel system needed for your baby?
An infant car seat is necessary. Most travel systems for the baby have both a car seat and a stroller. Getting a travel system instead of buying a stroller and car seat separately makes sense.

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