Maternity Bras

Maternity Bras

Are you looking for a comfortable maternity bra? Check out our premium and exclusive maternity bras that offer maximum support while breastfeeding. Our chic designs are in demand, and new mothers happily pick from the assorted styles available with us. Choose from seamless flexi-wire bras, T-Shirt bras, non-wired bras, strapless bras, sports bras, and more.

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  1. Maternity And Nursing Bra Iris - Black
    As low as AED132.50
  2. Carriwell Original Maternity & Nursing Bra - White
    As low as AED158.60
  3. Waffles Bra Black 34B
    As low as AED168.00
  4. Maternity And Nursing Bra Milk -Black
    As low as AED150.00
  5. Seamless Maternity And Nursing Bra Illusion - Black
    As low as AED126.00
  6. Serena Maternity And Nursing Bra - Blush
    As low as AED150.00
  7. Maternity And Nursing Bra Milk - Green
    As low as AED150.00
  8. Maternity And Nursing Bra Serenity - Black
    As low as AED110.00
  9. Maternity And Nursing Bra Lisa - Black
    As low as AED169.00
  10. Bravado - The Bodysilk Seamless
    As low as AED167.16
  11. Bravado - Original Full Cup - Black
    As low as AED113.40
  12. Mousse Padded Plunge Non Wire Nursing Bra Black 34B
    As low as AED255.00
  13. Waffles Bra Oyster Pink 34B
    As low as AED280.00
  14. Waffles Bra Buttermilk 38E/F
    As low as AED280.00
  15. Carriwell Maternity & Nursing Bra with Deluxe Carri-Gel Support- Black
    As low as AED240.45
  16. Carriwell Maternity & Nursing Bra with Carri-Gel Support - Honey
    As low as AED229.95
  17. Carriwell Maternity & Nursing Bra with Carri-Gel Support - Black
    As low as AED229.95
  18. Carriwell Maternity & Nursing Bra with Carri-Gel Support - White
    As low as AED229.95
  19. Carriwell Organic Maternity & Nursing Bra - White
    As low as AED208.95
  20. Carriwell Original Maternity & Nursing Bra - Black
    As low as AED166.95
  21. Fertile Mind Maternity Wirefree Comfort SuperBra Nude
    As low as AED105.00
  22. Fertile Mind Maternity Wirefree Comfort SuperBra Black
    As low as AED105.00
  23. Second Skin Maternity Bra Ivory
    As low as AED190.00
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23 Items

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We know you have a lot of questions and we've answered them for you. Read on to know more...

Need of a maternity bra.

Maternity bras make pregnancy easy and comfortable. Your breasts grow during pregnancy. The regular bras may no longer fit or can be uncomfortable. Something that helps a mother-to-be be comfortable; get support for her breasts and back and stretches to adjust to her growing bust, which is especially important. A maternity bra does that for you.

Maternity Bra v/s Regular Bra.

Regular bras are available in assorted colours, styles, supports, comfort levels and prices. But regular bras are for breasts that are not heavy and sensitive. The different fabrics, laces, single layers, exposed seams are features. These bras do not offer the support and comfort needed during pregnancy. However, maternity bras provide the utmost comfort, the highest support, and better coverage all day. A good maternity bra has extra layers of fabric for comfort and support. The top of the cup is elastic to accommodate the increase in the breast size, and the band has added eyes and hooks to adjust to your expanding ribcage.

The advantages of wearing maternity bra or nursing bras.

  • Good maternity bras help you stay comfortable during pregnancy.
  • They ensure there is no added pressure on your breasts like the underwired regular bras you usually wear.
  • Well-fitting maternity bras help to ease your back pain, neck pain and breast pain.
  • Breastfeeding is easy with dual purpose nursing cum maternity bras. All you must do is unhook the top layer on your maternity bra.
  • Maternity bras are flexible so that they accommodate your growing breast size and ribcage. (NHS Start4Life, 2019)
  • Heavy and large breasts can be tiring and irritating. However, maternity bras hold the shape of your breasts and minimize the effects of gravity.

Types of maternity bras.

Maternity bras available today are functional, and fashionable too. There are umpteen options available for both pregnant women and nursing mothers. Whether you are looking for everyday nursing bras, t-shirt nursing bras, nursing sports bra, maternity bras with moulded cups, pumping bras or extra-support bras, Blush & Bloom has an exclusive maternity collection for you.

Things you must consider while buying a maternity bra.

Buying a maternity bra is easy; however, getting one that fits you well is a challenge most pregnant women and nursing mothers face. We have listed a few things you must consider while buying a maternity bra.

  • Look for maternity bras that offer maximum support and comfort.
  • Pick a bra that is 100% cotton, cotton blend, Lycra, or other stretchable fabric.
  • Get an expert to size your breast before you buy the nursing bras. Doing so ensures you do not end up with an ill-fitting bra.
  • Pick a maternity bra style that you are most comfortable in

Popular Maternity Bra

Product Brand Price
Serena maternity and nursing bra Cache Coeur AED250
Seamless maternity and nursing bra illusion - black Cache Coeur AED210
Second skin maternity bra ivory Amoralia AED190
Pro impact flexi-wire nursing sports bra lemon zest Cake Maternity AED315

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When should you buy maternity bras?
Buy a maternity bra within the first trimester of pregnancy or as soon as you feel your regular bras are tight and uncomfortable.
What is the best bra to wear when pregnant?
A high-coverage, max-support, flexi-cotton maternity bra is the best when you are pregnant.
How is a maternity bra different from a regular bra?
A regular bra is meant for everyday wear when your breasts are not heavy or sensitive, while a maternity bra accommodates your sensitive breasts and growing ribcage.
Do I need a maternity bra?
Yes, you do need a maternity bra during pregnancy and post pregnancy while you are breastfeeding.

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