Maternity Dresses

Maternity Dresses

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey every pregnant woman must enjoy. Blush & Blooms brings some of the most popular maternity wear brands, where wearing comfortable clothes without compromising on quality and style is now easy. Choose from the veritable bouquet of maternity dresses our fashion experts shortlisted just for you. Whether you prefer a tunic, dresses, skirts and tops, or palazzos, we have it all.
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  1. Orchid Blush Dress
    As low as AED800.00
  2. Indian-Style maternity dress
    As low as AED430.50
  3. Pikkaboo - Sassy Slash Print Sleeveless Maternity Dress
    As low as AED367.50
  4. Pikkaboo - Ecru Lace-Up Maternity Dress
    As low as AED523.95
  5. Pikkaboo - Elegant Bicolor Sleeveless Maternity Dress
    As low as AED430.50
  6. Pikkaboo - Ecossai Elegant Half Sleeves Maternity Dress
    As low as AED430.50
  7. Anais Ruffled Maternity Day Dress
    As low as AED475.00
  8. Nadine Maternity Dress
    As low as AED520.00
  9. Rosa Dress Vintage Blush
    As low as AED800.00
  10. Ruched One Shoulder Dress Cobalt Blue
    As low as AED440.00
  11. Serena Maternity Maxi Dress Green
    As low as AED349.00
  12. Tally Indigo Dress
    As low as AED265.00
  13. Tally Sailor Stripe Dress
    As low as AED390.00
  14. Madderson Olivia Poppy Dress
    As low as AED390.00
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Maternity dresses, do I need them?

Pregnancy is all about care before the baby is born and after. Prenatal care is all about a mother’s wellbeing and the needs of the baby. Dressing comfortably during pregnancy is possible with maternity dresses available online and mother-to-be lingerie stores. The comfier you are, the healthier your baby will be. Women don’t consider dressing up and looking good important. However, exclusive maternity clothes can go a long way in making mothers-to-be happy. A happy mother translates to a happy baby. So, look for maternity wear that suits your personality and style. Check the options we have, from the stylish black maternity dress, bi-coloured dress, denim tunic to a chic palazzo set and more.

Tips to choosing the correct maternity wear.

Buying maternity dresses that fit and flatter is not easy. Often one size and style doesn’t fit all. Figuring out what suits you may be a challenge, but with the right maternity clothes, you will look and feel your best every day as you count down to the day of delivery. Keep these tips in mind when you buy maternity dresses online in UAE.

  • Buy stretchy clothes. As your pregnancy progresses, your weight and size will continue to grow every trimester. Clothes that stretch can adapt to your changing needs, and you will not need a wardrobe change every few months.
  • Pay attention to the material of the maternity clothes you buy. Buy clothes that soothe and offer comfort. Maternity wear with spandex or lycra will give your clothes enough flexibility to last a few months.
  • Look for maternity dresses with ruching. Ruching is a technique used to gather and create volume in clothes. Such dresses can grow with your bump and will fit you well in the first trimester as well as the last.
  • Look for dresses that will work even after delivery. Get maternity wear that has built-in nursing features. This way, breastfeeding after you’ve delivered becomes easy and comfortable.

Trimester and the type of dress that can be worn

Trimester Type of Dress you can wear
First Trimester Wear loose tops, shirts, A-line or Wrap dresses. Choose a few pants with belly bands that stretch.
Second Trimester Wear a good pair of stretchy maternity leggings with thick foldable waistbands with a short top or long tunics. Pair your maternity jeans with an A-line top. You can also wear empire waist dresses.
Third Trimester Like the second trimester, wear leggings, tunics, empire waist maxis, or stretchable maternity dresses. Wear clothes that are comfortable and stretch with you.

Popular Maternity Dresses in UAE

Product Material Price
Red Maternity Midi Chiffon AED149
Floral off-shoulder maternity top Viscose fabric AED523.95
Fashionable maternity denim printed tunic Tencel AED109
Alana maxi dress - japanese garden premium jersey fabric AED780

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Which dress is suitable for pregnant ladies?
Pregnant women can wear loose shirts, skirts, maxi dresses, gowns, tunics, empire waist or a-line or wrap dresses.
When can you start wearing maternity clothes?
You can start wearing maternity clothes during the second trimester around the 4th or 5th month. Most women start wearing during the 6th month of pregnancy.
Where can I buy maternity dresses?
You can buy maternity dresses online at Blush & Bloom, one of the largest maternity wear stores in UAE. You can also visit a maternity store to buy clothes.
How can I look stylish during pregnancy?
Buy a few maternity dresses that fit and flatter your curves. You can look up Blush & Bloom for their fashion designer shortlisted beautiful maternity wear online in UAE.
How many sizes do you go up during pregnancy?
Predicting how many sizes you will go up during pregnancy is difficult. It is different for each woman. We recommend buying clothes that are stretchy and loose that will fit you a few months into pregnancy.
Which maternity clothes are essential during pregnancy?
Maternity clothes, lingerie, a few stretchy pants must be a part of your wardrobe during pregnancy.
Can you wear high waisted jeans while pregnant?
No, do not wear high-waisted jeans while pregnant as they are uncomfortable and compress the denim against your stomach, especially when you sit. Wear maternity jeans that you can wear over or under your belly.

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