Maternity Shapewear

Maternity Shapewear

Long for a lovely dinner out with your partner, but worry about fitting into your favourite dress? Have you tried maternity shapewear that works to even out your shape supporting your baby bump too? Looking your best even if you are in the last trimester need not be difficult. Blush & Bloom pregnancy shapewear helps to even, outline, and add support to your tummy. That way, you can sport your baby bump with panache.
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  1. Carriwell Adjustable Organic Cotton Post Birth Belly Binder - Honey
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  3. FARLIN - Healthy Reshaping Girdle Large - Beige
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Boost your confidence during pregnancy and after with the latest in-trend shapewear. Browse our collection of body shapers, postpartum shapewear, and girdles for even body shape with great support at every stage. Whether you are looking for body sculpting shorts, stretch marks care undies, corrective body slimmer, or organic post-birth belly binder, we have what you need.

Need for Maternity Shapewear

Shapewear was accessory women wore to fit into dresses, tops, or pants they loved. Few felt they could wear it during pregnancy. However, Kim Kardashian’s Skims maternity collection created a furore for their maternity underwear for pregnant and postpartum women. But a few fertility specialists felt maternity body shaping garments has advantages. Maternity shapewear is not a must-have, but it can help pregnant women and their babies feel comfortable and happy with their shape.

Advantages of Pregnancy Body Shapers

  • Maternity shapewear helps to support your back as your pregnancy belly grows and better your posture.
  • Shapewear may be comfier than regular undies that slip and bunch when you move.
  • Wearing a body shaper after a Cesarean delivery can help support a healing incision, especially when lifting, coughing, laughing, getting up, lying down or sneezing strain your abdominal muscles.
  • Pregnancy shapewear will grow with you where the mesh stomach panels stretch to accommodate your growing bump.
  • These accessories help to support your spine alleviating backache to some extent.

Things to consider while buying maternity shapewear

Buying maternity wear is not difficult; however, keeping in mind a few things before buying will help.

  • Buy maternity shapewear during pregnancy. Avoid wearing regular shapewear.
  • Shapewear for pregnant women is stretchable and grows with your baby bump. Non-maternity shapewear is more rigid.
  • Ensure you buy shapewear that has soft panels for your stomach and will accommodate your pregnancy weight.
  • Waist trainers or high compression body shapers are a strict No. Ensure your maternity shapewear is comfortable and does not compress or squash your internal organs like your liver, ribs, spleen, intestines, or abdominal muscles.
  • Look for soft, breathable maternity shapewear that ensures you don’t feel uncomfortable, irritable, or itchy.

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Can you wear shapewear while pregnant?
Yes, you can wear shapewear while pregnant if the body shaper is for your bottom, thighs, or belly. The amniotic fluid cushions the baby well, and a mild compression butt shaper will not cause harm. However, wearing medium or high compression shapewear is not advisable.
Do Body Shapers help shape your body?
Body shapers offer instant slimming creating a smooth silhouette under your clothes. Though shapewear helps to create a flattering body shape, it does not help to shape your body.
Can shapewear reduce stomach fat?
Body slimmer or shapers offer compression that creates a slimmer body shape flattening your belly a little. You may not have to remember to suck in your stomach constantly, but shapewear cannot reduce stomach fat permanently.
Can I wear shapewear every day?
You can wear loose clothes, highlight a different part of your body, or try wearing the perfect body shaper or hourglass shaper under your dress. These shapers work to flatten and smooth out bumps to give you a slim look.
How can I hide my lower belly pooch?
Avoid wearing shapewear for extended periods. Wearing it for some time during the day does not harm the body. However, constant compression every day may squeeze your digestive tract and cause acid reflux, where the contents of the stomach leak into the oesophagus.
Should shapewear be one size smaller?
No, body shapers must be the right size and not smaller. Most wear shapewear to smooth out the bumps to give you a slim shape. Wearing shapewear one size smaller will not help you fit into a smaller size dress. Instead, doing so will create unseemly bulges that you may not want.

Note: Avoid wearing shapewear for extended periods

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